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This weekend I went down to Baltimore to hang out with my friend Laurie. As per our usual, we ate our way through the weekend, and now I’m feeling like a cow. So yes, every time we go to good restaurants and I overeat. But it’s Baltimore, and there’s seafood. I can’t complain.

Also as our tradition, we get books whenever we’re together. But this time we went to The Book Thing. The books are free. Yes free. It’s heaven. The only drawback is that yes, the books are mostly organized by genre, but other than that, it’s a free-for-all. So it makes it hard to narrow down something you’d be interested in. But my big score was I got book two of the Hunger Games trilogy, and a couple of the Uglies series.

I also ended up with a lot of other books as well, but I do know that I’ll be reading those and taking them back to the Book Thing so they can have a good home. I also need to seriously sit through my books, and donate some there as well.

I’m home now, and I’ve found a place for most of the books (the textbooks not so much, but everything else is hidden away. ) Now I’m just doing washing and looking around like I should be cleaning, and I just want to be lazy and read and/or nap. The drive home is a bit tiring. There was more traffic on the way home, though I made great time.