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I know, I know I really haven’t honestly kept up with the blog in a while. I admit I got lazy. I had a bunch of things that I kept going, that would be a good blog post, and yet I never followed through.

So here’s a general update of things:

BFST 2012

Big, Fun, Scary Things 2012

  1. Reading Magazines: I’ve successfully read all the People magazines in my  apartment. That was about 20 or so. Now I need to go through the Entertainment weekly’s, Cosmo, and others. I made a small dent. Not as much as I would have liked but it’s still a start.
  2. Writing. I’m not working on my 2011 NaNo like I had said, but I am working on a story I’ve had outlined for a couple of years now. It’s about time I get it done.

    My friend Heather, posted a post entitled the Recovering Perfectionist. Give it a read, and then check out the links and take the quiz. It may seem ironic that me a lazy messy person, who procrastinated is a perfectionist, but when I took the quiz. Damn, it made a lot of sense.  So in the sense of my story, I have this outline, and it’s kind of perfect in my head, but I don’t think that the writing of the actual plot would live up to my expectations from the outline.  So with all my might, I’m going to work on this story, and get it done. I can apply this to other parts of my life to. I just need to get into the mindset of not being lazy and just doing it.

  3. The rest of the BFST list I haven’t even thought about yet. I need to revisit it soon to see what I can accomplish.

New Things

I’ve definitely stalled on this. I’m just not imaginative to come up with new things that a) I don’t have to drive really far for or b) spend a lot of money on.

Though Newish thing 7 is that I’ve started to use my Wii more regularly and play Walk It Out and Wii Sports. I have the original DDR coming hopefully this weekend (the bundle was only $20 I couldn’t pass that up).  I’m definitely trying to keep the walking going because I want to get in shape for the WalkMS event in Valley Forge on May 6. (which if anyone wants to be on a team, let me know I’m looking into creating a team this year).  So I kind of want to do the walk without feeling like I’m going to die.

I’m actually liking the Walk It Out game. Its fun, the music is so-so, but it gets the job done, I just don’t like when the girl “trainer” thing is like “so where were you yesterday?”  I haven’t done it in almost a week so it’s probably going to have a fit, but it’s a game it’ll get over it.

Also not so new thing 8, I was all excited because I put a song request on 93.7 WSTW and it was on the air. I thought it was going to be a new thing, then my mom reminded me I was on the radio station in Ocean City, Maryland talking about the band The Hooters. So it really wasn’t a new thing after all. I tried 🙂


I’ve slacked off big time with this. I’ve got books from the library and no motivation. I blame the magazines and being lazy. I even went to the library to return the books I didn’t want to read so I could lessen my load and I still somehow came home with the same amount I had before (magic I tell ya).


I’ve been working on clearing off my DVR. It’s currently at around 69% which is the lowest it has been in a while. I will clear more off later. And it will be Glorious.  I need to remember to watch the older stuff first, and then the newer stuff. The longer the older stuff is there the less I’ll want to watch it. But I will, and when my DVR is at an acceptable level I will rejoice.