So in doing some cleaning today, I found these little post it notes.

These post it notes were my goals for 2008 in the Big, Scary, Fun year.  So for fun I’m going to post each one, and tell you what happened with it.  Bold is what happened.

  • Complete Script Frenzy – Didn’t happen. Hasn’t happened yet. Still a goal to complete Script Frenzy. 
  • Start playing the flute again – Again didn’t happen, but I do have my flute at my apartment with some lesson books. Maybe I could start playing when my neighbor above me sounds like freaking elephant walking up stairs. 
  • If I get good at playing the flute, join the local county band– Again, this goes with the above. If I practiced, I could join the band. 
  • Read the pile of magazines that has accumulated in my apartment– Apparently this goal has been going on since 2008, and sadly, I’ve still got magazines from then I haven’t read yet. I made some progress over the holidays (2011), but I still need to get more done.
  • Read books for fun again– Over the past couple years, this has started to happen. Am I reading as much as I want to be reading no. But I think once I finish those magazines
  • Finish crocheting projects I started – These will never happen, though I kind of want to continue working on that Doctor Who scarf I started. I have so much unused yarn its sickening.
  • Travel to a place I’ve never been before – I think this is the one goal that had actually been fulfilled in 2008. I went to England (not new), Wales, and France. And I’ve continued to travel since then. 
  • Finish rough draft of NaNo 2007- I couldn’t even tell you what starting of some writing was my 2007 NaNo. But maybe just maybe, if I would find it I could restart it and maybe finish it or something. Who knows. 
  • Plan more for NaNo 2008, and participate and finish – I think I planned more for 2008 NaNo, but as usual I never finished. 
  • Become better at my job – I think I did, but who knows. I’m still employed so that’s a good sign…
  • Find a class online of something that interests me so I can continue learning -I know I want to take a grammar refresher course, but I’ll wait until February now to sign up for it. But yes, I didn’t do this in 2008. 
  • Find clothes that fit and spend the money needed to do so – Sort of happened. I bought clothes, they fit, but I’m fat and they don’t fit, and now I have a scar around my belly button which makes it hard to find pants that fit me. :/
  • Start exercising when I get home from work – Yeah, I never did that either. You would think that now I’m working at home, I’d get my lazy ass up and 
  • Be able to walk a 5k or maybe jog part of it -If I haven’t exercised, I can’t do this. Maybe i will. But I hate running, walking I like. but running/jogging not so much. 
  • Pay off my credit card to only use it again to travel -I’m sure I actually paid my credit card down, but I’ve actually got quite a bit on there right now. Most of it was spent on travels, which is good because it wasn’t stuff, but bad because it’s a lot of $.
  • Keep my apartment clean Yeah, not happening either. I’m not one of those who obsessively worries about OMG my apartment is a disaster. If I can find it in my place, I’m satisfied. It’s not like I have people coming to visit me, so I don’t feel the need to worry about what it looks like. 
  • Take Advantage of my six flags season pass- I know I did this in 2008 and 2009, I didn’t have a pass in 2010 or 2011, but I did get a new one for 2012. I plan to take advantage of it. 
  • Try to keep in contact with friends – Sadly, i don’t have that many friends I really want to keep in contact with. It’s a two way street there. A couple people I talk to but I still like to write letters and send out christmas cards.
  • Write for Helium – I like Helium, I just didn’t like rating other people’s writing so my writing clout goes up. My writing should stand on its own. I started writing some more for Associated Content (now Yahoo!Voices on the Yahoo! Contributor Network). It’s nice to write articles, but they still aren’t my strong suit. 
  • Clear out my closet so that I can walk in there without tripping – Clearing my closet. Happened once or twice since 2008, but it hasn’t stayed that way. I want it clean. 
  • Donate more canned goods to the 6abc/Boy Scouts food drive I did this for a couple more years, but didn’t get to do it this year, b/c I didn’t get the little grocery bags in enough time that the boy scouts stick up. 
  • Attempt learning Spanish – This hasn’t happened. Part of me wants to learn American Sign Language now. 
  • Try not to get sick this year – This is a hard goal to keep especially for my body. But I’m hoping 2012 is better. I mean it can’t be any worse than 2011 right?
  • Go Swimming at my apartment complexes pool – This I need to do more.  I went a couple times last year, but nothing like I should.  I mean seriously a book or two and some water and sunscreen, I’m good to go. 
  • Scrapbook my New Orleans trip from 2005. – Hasn’t happened yet. I also need to add Scrapbook fall 2010 trip as well. 
So we can see, even though they aren’t resolutions, I haven’t been that great with goals. I want to change that.  I’m also not good at change so we’ll see how this goes as well.