Today I went with my dad into Philly to go to the Philly Travel show, sponsored by the Philadelphia Inquirer.  I won a pair of passes on Twitter on Thursday night, so I figured no harm in going down to check it out.

The travel show was in Hall E of the PA Convention Center in Center City. First reactions to the travel show were wow, it’s quite small. I honestly thought there was going to be a little more there.

I did come away with lots of informational brochures and my name entered to win a 3 night stay at Busch Gardens.

Finding out that Harvest Fest in Sharon Springs, New York, is a week earlier than I had figured it to be based on the past couple years. I have the urge to go away the weekend after I turn 30. (The joys of having a milestone birthday in the middle of the week).

First glance, I wanted to go on a cruise. I went on one in 2004 and have been vowing to go on another one. Only problem is, is that it would be ridiculously expensive for just me. All cruise prices are based on two people.  So in theory cruise is out of the question. Then I’m thinking some new state might be nice as well, but there wasn’t too much at the travel expo on other states in the US besides the east coast.

So in all, the travel show was fun, even though a bottle of soda was $3.50, and I have lots and lots of travel brochures to look through, and lots of state maps to look at.  It was a good experience though I’m not quite sure if I would have enjoyed it as much if I had to pay for it.  I think if I would have had to pay for it, I would have been a lot more disappointed about the lack of items there.