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Note: This is my opinion and my opinion alone. My blog is a drama free place. If you attack my views, your comment will not be approved. I do encourage debate, but only in a healthy thought out manner.  Just saying Soaps Suck, or this post sucks will not be tolerated. 

Soap Operas are a dying breed here in the US. With ABC’s cancellation of All My Children last fall and this week being the last week of One Life To Live, it’s a sad time for soap opera fans.

What got me wanting to write this post was the fact I saw so much hate on the ABC preview for OLTL this week. Yet, the same theme I saw was I haven’t watched the show in years, but I’m so pissed off its being cancelled, how dare they; and that they refuse to watch The Chew and The Revolution.

You know if those people who said they haven’t watched for years, I bet that could have helped the ratings in some way.

Also, back when soaps first started there were a lot more stay at home moms than there are today, though the trend is changing, and more women are becoming stay at home moms again, I feel that needs are different. During the day, a busy mom might not have the time to lose herself in the escapism of a soap, but would much rather benefit from a show like The Chew where she can watch, and find a recipe to make for the nights meal.

I can’t say much for The Revolution yet as it hasn’t aired, but I too was reluctant to watch The Chew, then I realized that a show like The Chew had me checking out their website and trying new meals.

Soaps for a while were a way of escapism from the real world for a few hours each day, but as the plots began to weaken and the same tropes were used over and over again, it wasn’t an escape to watch these shows anymore, they fell to background noise.

I had intended to post this before the finale of OLTL aired but I failed to get it done. I really don’t know what more I had been going to say on this since I wrote it over a few days. But in the end times change, and if shows can’t adapt, maybe it was for the best that OLTL ended its run when it did.

PS-I’m also slightly excited to see what they’ll do with bringing Starr, Todd, Blair, and John from OLTL to General Hospital. Hopefully this will allow General Hospital to have a renewed surge in storylines, and breathe a little more life into the show and if this is not to be, I hope it will be a brilliant swan song for General Hospital.