I saw this on someone’s Facebook. It was on my homepage, and generally my homepage updates fairly quickly, so I miss who posted items sometimes. But someone had posted a link to Code Year.

I’m a glutton for punishment, so I signed up.  Today was the first lesson. I think in the matter of 20 minutes, I’ve gained a whole new respect for all the computer programmers of the world.

I’ve also realized my brain is not cut out for this type of work. I’ve still got a few more lessons to complete in this weeks course, but gah, hair pulling at it’s most elementary.

I think  the thing I’m not liking right now, is the fact when I get things wrong. It doesn’t tell me what’s wrong. I just have the hints to “guide” me.  I guess when I’m learning a new programming language, I want something that tells me, hey this is where you screwed up, look at this part of the instructions, and try it again.

I’m pretty sure I can safely say that computer programming is not for me.  I’m going to keep working at code year, but I don’t expect I’ll be lasting too much longer.

How does this relate to my New Things? I tried computer programming. That’s new & different, and SO NOT me.  I tried it and that’s the most important part.  Give me some basic HTML code any day. (Yes, I’m sure at a later time I’ll regret saying that as well).