First off, I found the  binder I was looking for in the previous entry. I had placed that binder and lots of playbills and programs in my bin of writing materials. Yeah, I have no idea why I put it there either. I’m sure in my train of thought it was to put all the “entertainment” type stuff together.

Now onto new thing 4. I’m not really sure I want to count it, because I really didn’t do anything, but it is new so I’m counting it.

I’m in one of the local newspapers for my area. 

While being in a newspaper isn’t new new, I’ve written opinion pieces for my college newspaper, and I’ve been listed in my hometown newspaper for academics, but this is the first time I’ve ever been included in an article. During NaNoWriMo at the local write-ins I was participating in, one of the writers mother is a free lance writer for the Times Herald in Norristown. We gave her some quotes and took pictures, so she could put together a piece about us during NaNo. It wasn’t a given that it would be published, but low and behold on January 2, 2012 the piece was published in the Life: Feature and People section of the Times Herald.

Here’s a picture of the paper: