It’s Christmas eve, and my 2011 book list is coming to an end. If you remember from my earlier book posts, I go from Christmas day to Christmas day as my year. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get any more reading done before I open presents tomorrow, so I’m going to wrap up the year right now.

My latest update on the book list:

  1. Quest for the Scorpion’s Jewel by Amy Green ran out of time on NetGalley
  2. Escape from Riddler’s Pass by Amy Green (2 days left from NetGalley)ran out of time on NetGalley
  3. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader True Crime (7 days left from NetGalley (not the whole book) (finished)
  4. The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal (11 days left from NetGalley) (not going to read it. Note to publishers using NetGalley, seriously if you want to put a copyright tag that’s fine, but make sure it’s a watermark tag and not an actual line of text that you know covers up lines in the book, so when I’m trying to read all I see is some jumbled up mash of spots for a row on the page). 
  5. Same Sex Marriage by Tricia Andryszewski less than a day left, don’t think I’m going to finish it or start it. Keeps crashing Bluefire reader app.
  6. Read my Lips by Debby Herbenick and Vanessa Schick FINISHED Oddly, loved it. Women go read this. Learn about your lady bits and learn to enjoy them by reading this book.
  7. Amglish in, Like Ten Easy Lessons byArthur E. Rowse Not going to finish as I started it too late to actually focus on reading it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it out of the library sometime to finish it.
  8. Gin and Daggers: A Murder She Wrote Mystery (due back 12/21, can be renewed 1 more time) (returned it. Just wasn’t in the mood for it)
  9. Sweet Valley High: Senior Year: Can’t Stay Away by Francine Pascal Finished, read this in total about a couple hours. Mindless read, I said to myself, I’d never read a sweet valley book again, yet, I’m borrowing 3 more from the library. Fluff is good. 
  10. The Mistaken Masterpiece by Michael D. Beil (due 12/27, 2 more renewals)
  11. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (due 1/3/12, no more renewals)
  12. The Two Deaths of Daniel Hays by Marcus Sakey (due 1/9/12)- Only borrowed this because I’ve watched a couple episodes of Hidden City on Travel Channel with him, and I was hooked. So I’m giving his books a try.
  13. Condor One by John Simpson (borrowed from a friend) It’s amazing the things you find when you clean, and I’ve moved up on my home reading list, all the books I’ve got borrowed from people, starting with this one. I find I want to just read it right now, but I’m giving  some of my other stuff priority.

That update is done, let’s get on with the fun year end stats.

In total I read 58 books, and had a goal of 53 books on the goodreads 2011 book challenge

That’s a total of 8,210 words (actually a little more, I saw one book on my list didn’t have a word count)

Next year, my goal is to read about 65 books. I still plan on reading every genre known to man, keep expanding my horizons.

I’ll also plan to keep a list of the books I’ve started and will read during any given time. I have too many books started that need to be finished. 2012 will be the year of lots of books.