It may or may not be daily but it will definitely be rambly. (Yes, I make up my own words).

Let’s see, I’m officially now a remote employee for work. The company is closing down my office at the end of this year. So I went in yesterday, for the last little meal, and any cleaning up that needed to be done. It’s a shame a lot of the office stuff had to be tossed. We had so much old company letter head that it was kind of frankly disgusting that so much money was spent on stuff that we had already had, and it wasn’t like these items were hidden and couldn’t be found so more was ordered. I digress, I got some holed printer paper, some mailing envelopes (non-labeled), some disinfecting wipes, and more paper plates and bowls and utensils than I’ll ever need. (Let’s just say, I won’t be having to do dishes for at least a year).

Now I also want storage containers so I can A) put all the christmas decorations I’ve acquired from work in them and still have space in a closet, and B) I need somewhere to put some office-y things because now I’m a remote employee. I only have a one bedroom apartment, so my bedroom, is my living space, and my office. I can’t afford to get a two bedroom. (Actually I probably could if I wasn’t so picky about being in a nicer area, and wanting space. But there’s the I really don’t feel like moving because I couldn’t deal with packing everything up, and finally after almost 6 years my apartment is starting to feel like home).

Updates on stuff. On my book list, the first two have expired from NetGalley. So I didn’t get to finish them, maybe someday I’ll get them from the library or something like that.  I’m also going through my old issues of Cosmo magazine. I just wish it didn’t take so long to go through.  (And an annoying thing, I’m reading issues of Cosmo I had that are over 3 years old, that had perfume ads in. How the hell can a perfume ad still smell that god awful 3 years later???? I also think magazines need to be more sensitive to people with allergies. This is why I always get these magazines for free from using my MyCokeRewards or eRewards points.)

Lastly, I wanted to post, my first “new” thing to do. Being a lefty, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to write with my right hand. I’ve always just scribbled the alphabet down, but never any words or anything before. So I was googling some lined paper (you know the stuff that they teach kids handwriting on) to give it a shot.

I came across this website. Not only did it have children’s lined paper but it had cursive word lists. I downloaded a few, and started off my writing with my left hand here:

Which looks pretty decent. I mean it’s not 100% awesome cursive, but it’s still pretty legible, and I know if I actually focused on writing instead of rushing it could look pretty nice.

Now here’s my right hand:

Um, it’s pretty bad. I mean it could be a lot worse, but it can be a lot better. The one thing I did notice that when I was writing with my right hand was how tired the hand got. So I have a feeling that I was not holding my pen correctly. Just because I know right handed and left handed people hold writing instruments way differently, I think I was trying to mimic what I do on my left on my right.

I’m going to stick with it, because I’d like to be able to jot notes down while at the computer with my right hand. Because it gets kind of frustrating to be typing, using my mouse with my left hand, then stop grab a pen and note book, take notes with my left and keep moving. So if I could jot legible notes with my right hand, I could keep one hand on the mouse and keep scrolling while still taking notes.

So maybe in a month or two, I’ll post again to see how my handwriting is progressing. Or I could move onto something else that made this seem crazy.

I hope the few that are reading this, have a wonderful whatever holiday you celebrate.