You may notice that I have a hard time coming up with titles.  That’s besides the point.

On Twitter, I follow Felicity Disco and she’s created a blog A Bookish Year.

While, I don’t want to completely steal her idea, because it’s brilliant to hold one’s self accountable for reading books.  And those of you who read this and know me, know that I maybe an obsessive book buyer and now an obsessive book borrower as well.  (Though if montgomery county, PA has it’s way, I’ll have no library to check books out of as I use the county wide system, which they are currently wanting to cut funding too, which means no county wide system, no library for me, because I live in the township next to a borough, and that library is not a part of the county system, and because I don’t live in the borough, no access to the library without paying a hefty fee (yes $35 is hefty for a library, when currently I have access to almost a dozen libraries for free).

Sorry for that little tangent there, back to the point of this post. I want to make myself accountable for the ever growing to be read piles.

So for the rest of this year my goal is to read this list:

  1. Quest for the Scorpion’s Jewel by Amy Green (7 days left from NetGalley)
  2. Escape from Riddler’s Pass by Amy Green (7 days left from NetGalley)
  3. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader True Crime (7 days left from NetGalley (not the whole book)
  4. The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal (11 days left from NetGalley)
  5. Same Sex Marriage by Tricia Andryszewski (11 days left from NetGalley)
  6. Read my Lips by Debby Herbenick and Vanessa Schick (11 days left from NetGalley)
  7. Amglish in, Like Ten Easy Lessons byArthur E. Rowse (11 days left from NetGalley)
  8. Gin and Daggers: A Murder She Wrote Mystery (due back 12/21, can be renewed 1 more time)
  9. Sweet Valley High: Senior Year: Can’t Stay Away by Francine Pascal (due 12/27, no more renewals)
  10. The Mistaken Masterpiece by Michael D. Beil (due 12/27, 2 more renewals)
  11. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (due 1/3/12, no more renewals)

So can I read all this? I hope so. If anything, I won’t be too sad about not reading the first two on my list. They are part of a series, while they are decent, I didn’t realize they were from a religious publisher so there’s a lot of religious undertones. I’m not saying that’s bad, just not what I was expecting when reading the synopsis.

Will I bore everyone with posts like these? Possibly.  This is also a way for me to see which books I’m reading, and how fast. Then I can also start making a dent on my books pile in my apartment.  Which also means not going insane when I go to the library and either going in and get what I’ve requested or only pick out 1 or 2 books plus the requested book. No more 9 or 10 books out at a time thing.

So there’s the rest of my year in  books. Christmas Day starts my new book reading year.  (Yes, I go from Christmas Day to Christmas Day (anything read before opening presents falls into the current year, and anything read after opening presents goes into the new year. I’ve been reading this way since 2008.)