First off NaNoWriMo 2011 is in the books. You didn’t see me shouting from mountain tops or posting on every social media/blog I have, so you know that means I didn’t make it to  50k, but I did make it to 15,008.  15k is more than last year and the year before. So I’m quite pleased with that.

If work hadn’t of become the epitome of insane I would have had more time/not groaned at the thought of sitting at the computer to churn out those 1667 words.  But it is what it is, and for the first year, I just don’t want to put this story into the box of unfinished everything.  I want to finish it. I like the characters, and I like the story. Even if that story has deviated quite a bit to what I originally wanted, and I still don’t know how it’s going to end, but I want to continue writing it. And that to me is a good thing.

You may be asking what is Big, Fun, Scary, Things. It’s a forum on the NaNoWriMo forums where you can set goals for 2012 that may or may not be out of your comfort zone to accomplish them. You post about them, and then you can talk about them. It kind of holds you accountable for them. Every year, I’ve always made some huge ass goals that never got done because I’ve either:

  1. Became lazy and just didn’t want to do it
  2. Completely forgot about it
  3. Had such a huge list that even accomplishing one thing felt like nothing because I had so much more to do.

This year. I’ve made a smaller list.  Besides posting them on the forum, I’m posting them here. That way people can hold me accountable, and even just occasionally go, hey how’s that list coming.

My 2012 Big, Fun, Scary, Things 2012 list:

  • Finish my 2011 NaNo novel. Work got in the way this year. I love my characters, and I love my idea. I don’t want it to go into the box of unwritten items.
  • Read more books. I’m pushing 53 books for this year, so maybe 60 books.  (Possibly read more “grown up” books. My children’s book list this year was astounding. But I kind of like quick easy reads.
  • De-clutter, and toss out s*** I don’t need.  (This one is big and scary, I’m sort of a hoarder, not TV show hoarding but I do have a lot of stuff. I need to get rid of.)
  • Go through the humongous “library” of books sitting in every free space in my apartment. Really take a look at them and decide if I will ever read them or not. Then possibly put them up online to sell. They’ll need a good home.  (I will put pictures up here, and elsewhere so if anyone would be interested in them, my blogs and online journals have first dibs.)
  • Script Frenzy. I’ve got an idea. I just need to execute it. (I’m not going to say what my idea is, because that means I’ll have to admit, I just watched 130 episodes of a children’s show, and bought a couple on iTunes that weren’t on Netflix, because I needed it to watch when NF had been down.)

So that’s my list for 2012. Very modest compared to other years. I figure once I cross some items off this list, I can add more to that list as well.

Cheers to doing Big, Fun, Scary, things together in 2012!