Tonight, I was just effectively yelled at on Twitter, for becoming a part of a “gang” and “bullying” a person.

Why, you may ask? All because I had a different opinion of the person who yelled at me. (I say yelled, but it’s typing, so it really can’t have a voice like yell, we’ll just say agitated).

It started off when person A, had a bad experience meeting a celebrity. I understand that it didn’t live up to your expectations, and that was disappointing, but as a “fan” one should also respect, that anything else above and beyond, what is given is a bonus, not the norm. Just because you expect them to sign something after an event, doesn’t mean you are entitled to receive it.  They are there for the event only,  nothing else. They have no obligation to anyone to stand there, and chat with fans, take pictures, and sign items.

Person B in all of this has had a positive experience with unnamed celebrity. Person B also cannot believe that celebrity would be rude, as multiple experiences with said celebrity, have been positive. Also person B did something earlier unrelated to said celebrity, that person A didn’t approve of.

Person A, is still bitter about what Person B did. They haven’t been on good terms for months.

Person C (me), sees persons A tweets going on a rampage about being bullied. As someone who knows a little bit about cyber bullying, I decided to take a look, at the entire twitter conversation, since person A had the bad celebrity experience just to see if there really was an instance of bullying at hand.

There were no physical or mental threats made to person A, just that Person B had a positive experience with said celebrity, and person A going into a tailspin because not everyone is believing her accounts, and her extreme attempts to warn people that because of one bad experience, everyone should now avoid this celebrity.

I made a comment on the fact, that a difference of opinions/ different experiences does not make bullying.  Go to Google (or whatever search engine suits your fancy) and type in Cyerbullying, and Cyberstalking.  Read the definitions, and then can someone tell me where they found, having a difference of opinions on a subject and a person gets mad because you don’t agree with them, is listed?

I’ll wait….

Still waiting….

Ok, you back now? Good. Did you find anything? No? That’s good, because neither did I. Debate is the backbone of all society, and not everyone is going to be pleased at everything someone does.

So in a nutshell, I got yelled at because I tried to calmly point out, that the other person, was not making threats against her, and all they were doing were pointing out differences in their meetings.  I was then accused of being on drugs,  called a loser, and I was automatically included in the “group” (I use group loosely here as, there had been only 2 people in the conversation stream I saw) of wanting to bring person A down. I’d really like to know how I can be a part of a “group” when I’ve never even spoken to Person B, ever.

I also would like to know how pointing out what cyberstalking/cyberbullying is and how debate is different from that, made me the bad guy.

At the end of the day, every fandom/celebrity will have some fans that aren’t nice, and feel entitled to have the celebrity at their beck and call.  The rest of us will realize that celebrities are just like the rest of us, and will have good times and bad, and anything else they do outside a scheduled event, will always be a bonus.

Lastly, we should all understand that debate is healthy, and allows us to see, a variety of opinions. We may not agree with those opinions, but that does not make those opinions wrong, or harassing.