Ok, so it’s a day after the Halfway point of NaNoWriMo, and technically I should be just past halfway, to 50k words. But, I’m not. Currently sitting in my Chapters document (A nifty little app for my iPad), I’ve got 2241 words, and in another little aside, I’ve got 787 words. Plus there’s this whole other section that I had started at one point that’s probably another 2k in words there, so grand total I’m most likely just under 5k.

Somewhere along the line, even though I felt like I was being awesome, I lost the motivation. Not the story, though granted in this little re-write thing, my story has taken some wicked little twist, that I don’t even think my original stuff is going to be in the story anymore, and then work has gotten the best of me.

So I keep plugging away, with the people in my write-in group, and they cheer me on even know I have no snowballs chance of getting 50K, and these people allow me to vent, and complain about other things that weren’t writing.

So thank you to the Pennsylvania- Norristown region. You guys rock (and are more inclusive then other said big region).

So with this, I will not give up on NaNo, I’ll go down fighting which is more than I can say I did last year, but I still have not bested my 2007 total of just over 25k.

I say 2012 will be my year.